Vestar Capital Partners

Vestar Capital Partners is a New York-based private equity firm specializing in middle-market companies. The firm has a diversified focus, targeting sectors such as healthcare, consumer goods, and business services. Vestar employs a partnership-driven approach, collaborating with management teams to implement strategic and operational improvements.
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Vestar Capital Partners

All Strategies: Buyout, Growth  
Headquarters: New York, NY
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Vestar Capital Partners RECENT EXITS
Vestar Capital Partners RETURNS BY FUND
wdt_ID Fund Vintage Net IRR MOIC
1 57 Stars 2009 8.0% 1.6x
2 57 Stars 2 2007 6.0% 1.4x
3 AACP AP Investors, L.P. 2007 2.1% 1.1x
4 AACP China Growth Investors 2007 7.9% 1.6x
5 AACP India Investors B 2007 13.0% 4.0x
Fund Vintage Net IRR MOIC