The Best Deal Sleds: A Comprehensive List

Got the return offer, first bonus hit the bank, moving to PE, or got the A2A promo in the bag? Time to mark the moment with a new pair of the best deal sleds. Clearly a momentous decision, you need to make sure you get the perfect set. Check out the list below for a curated collection of my thoughts on the current go-to sleds.

The Gucci 1953 on the Best Deal Sleds List

Gucci 1953

No surprise this is top of the list. The Gucci 1953 horsebit loafer is the quintessential deal sled. Slip these on and your MD will be wondering if you’re there to steal their job or significant other. Take a look at a silver horsebit too if gold is a bit flashy for your taste. Bonus, they’re incredibly comfortable and will make it tough to wear oxfords ever again.

$890 at

The Gucci Jordaan on the Best Deal Sleds list

Gucci Jordaan

This is a more modern offering in the Gucci line-up. Not quite the same classic vibe as the 1953 but might be exactly what you’re looking for – eye-catching, sleek, and works with a suit or something more casual. 

$920 at

Ferragamo Gancini loafers on the Best Deal Sleds list

Ferragamo Gancini Loafers

Going to be honest, I’ve never loved many of Ferragamo’s offerings. That said, clearly I couldn’t make this list without including them. Caveat emptor, have heard questionable things in terms of quality here. But no mind, you can snag a couple with each bonus for when they rip out within a year.

$795 at

Allen Edmonds Verona on the Best Deal Sleds list

Allen Edmonds Verona

The first entry on the list that ranks reasonably well from a value perspective. Plus, you can’t really go wrong with Allen Edmonds. For what it’s worth, I had an associate that rocked these on the daily and they looked great. Probably a better choice if you’re a junior in an office where you’ll get roasted for showing up in the ‘Gamo’s as a first year (hopefully that is every office).

$375 at

John Lobb Lopez on the Best Deal Sleds list

John Lobb Lopez

Probably not something you should rock until you reach the corner office. But, at the same time, maybe dressing for the part is all it takes to pull you up out of the bullpen. Not a traditional horsebit deal sled either. No need to add the extra panache when the fine English craftsmanship can speak for itself. That said, if you’re in this price range it might be time to just go ahead and get something bespoke.

$1,555 at

Carmina Horsebit Loafers on the Best Deal Sleds List

Carmina Horsebit Loafers

The first entry that will please the Reddit fashion crowd. Well built, reasonably priced, and probably the most ‘shoe per dollar’ that you’ll find on this list. If you’re a practical shopper you should go ahead and pick some up.

$360 at

Gucci Brixton on the Best Deal Sleds List

Gucci Brixton

These are a variation of the Jordaan with a softer leather and collapsable heel. Now that we’re back in the office for 16 hours a day, probably makes sense to get something comfortable. I haven’t tried these out yet, but might be a Christmas present to myself.

$920 at

Meermin loafers are a solid choice and cheaper than many alternatives

Meermin Loafers

Another option that is less painful on the wallet. Haven’t tried myself, but have heard good things about their quality. However, word is that break-in period on the Meermins is not pleasant. But if you can get over the hump they do look great.

$210 at

Prada Saffiano on the Best Deal Sleds List

Prada Saffiano

Not your typical sled, but thought I’d toss these on the list as well. Another option geared toward comfort, but still formal enough to wear in the office. I had one VP who wore nothing but drivers to work. Don’t think I’d go that far personally, but something that’s worth working into the rotation. Only issue with these is the Prada logo on the side. Potentially not a big deal, but I’m not a huge fan of branding on something like this.

$825 at

Blue Crocodile Gucci Jordaan on the Best Deal Sleds List

The Showstopper

Special bonus for you if you’ve gotten this far and still haven’t found your forever sled. Perhaps you’ve also decided that finance isn’t for you and you’d like to join the circus – these bad boys will help you get the show started. Don’t worry, they’re only $3,400. Clearly a wise investment in your new career.

$3,400 at

What do you think?

Drop a comment and let me know if you copped a pair, or if your favorite sleds didn’t make the list and I should add them. Set me straight if you think any of the commentary is off-base too. But whatever points you make still won’t get me to wear any Ferragamos.

Sam Hillier

Sam Hillier is a reporter at Transacted covering private equity and investment banking. He previously spent time as an investment professional focused on direct buyouts, as well as an earlier strategic advisory stint.